Apples Good for Skin – Your Ultimate Weapon to Clear Skin

You might already know the old adage that says “One apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This is a popular saying that has become a kind of legend among clear skin seekers. While this old adage doesn't specifically tell about clear skin, you can be sure that apples good for skin because of its healthy nutritional value.

Why apples good for skin? That's because of its powerful anti-oxidant component. This powerful component will help you to clear the toxins inside your body.

Why is it necessary to clear the toxins inside your body?

The toxic build up inside your body will damage your skin, if you don't detoxify your body regularly. Your body naturally detoxifies itself through your digestive system.

However, sometime, when the toxins are too heavy for your body to handle, they will eventually be re-absorbed by your body, and the toxic substance will be delivered to your skin. This is how your skin will be damaged by the toxins.

That is the reason why you need a strong and powerful anti-oxidant that will help you to flush heavy toxins out of the body. In this way, your skin will become clear. Apples are good for skin because they contain probably one of the most powerful anti-oxidant component that can be found in a fruit.

It can be said that apple is a perfect fruit that will keep toxic substance away from your body. The old adage that one apple a day will keep the doctor away is true in this sense. By eliminating toxins from your body regularly, you are strengthening your immune system and in turn prevent many diseases.

Benefits of consuming apples daily

People say that apples good for skin, and they are right. If you follow these procedures, you will be able to use apple for the benefit of your skin:

1. Prepare 3 apples in a day. Eat one apple after each meal every day. In this way, no matter what foods you eat, you will be protected from dangerous substance that may cause damage to your skin.

2. Expel your bowel every day at the end of the day. If you eat apples regularly, you should no longer have problem with your digestive system.

3. It is better not to freeze your apple. You should eat the apple while it is still fresh.

4. Drink water often. It will help to moisture your skin.